Awaken the Energy and Enthusiasm of a Child with Capoeira

Awaken the Energy and Enthusiasm of a Child with Capoeira

02/02/2022 Off By Charlotte Coleman

Capoeira is a sport for everybody, no matter where, how old or in which physical condition he or she is – it is possible for everyone to develop his or her potential and find a way of expression with the body.

Children, who are full of energy, can burn off their energy with capoeira and go to their limits. Media is appropriately used with this course. Capoeira is modern, capoeira is DIFFERENT and capoeira is, therefore, able to arouse the enthusiasm and curiosity of the child. Shy children can gain more self-confidence and learn how to get out of their shells. Capoeira gathers so many different aspects, which offer everybody the possibility to use his or her potential.

Capoeira combines dance, combat, acrobatics, music and culture. There is hardly any sport that is so diverse and already suitable for small children and even suitable for EVERYONE. Children have fun carrying out the movements and love the music and the instruments. They are proud of their acrobatic performances and bravely surpass themselves.

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