Build Muscle Mass Using Only Your Body Weight

Build Muscle Mass Using Only Your Body Weight

03/02/2022 Off By Charlotte Coleman

Body-weight exercises fire more muscle fibres than weight-lifting exercises. Therefore when used correctly, they have the capacity to make you a massive muscle machine.

The Muscle Experiment is a bodyweight training program aimed at helping you pack on muscle. The program is specifically designed for muscle growth, as opposed to burning fat, building strength or endurance, which is often what many other bodyweight training programs typically focus on.

The Muscle Experiment relies on principles most often associated with weight training, such as progressive overload and time under tension, but leverages your own body weight rather than using barbells and dumbbells. Additionally, rather than aiming to increase the number of reps you perform (which is frequently how many people make a bodyweight exercise “harder”), you will learn how to implement progressive overload by making the actual exercises harder.

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