Fitness Equipment for Hip


The hip trainer is made of ABS and silicone, making it softer durable, and environmentally friendly.


The soft silicone material prevents slipping when you training. Our hip inner thigh trainer offers professional muscle training. You can work out your arms, hip, leg, back, pelvic floor muscles, and butt all at once with our leg trainer, which is perfect for body training, muscle massage, and help you shape your perfect body. The adductor muscles of the thighs slowly release their strength, while the inner buttocks are exerting force to feel like closing the wings. Breath from the bottom of the abdomen for 5 seconds, then slowly inhale and return for 8-12 times throughput.


  • Size: 27 x 9.5 cm
  • Material: ABS + silicone
  • Weight: 500 (net weight)