Folding Fitness Trampoline for Adults and Children


The knobs on both sides can be adjusted in height, can be adjusted to suit adults and children.


The handle is covered with foam material, which makes the user comfortable to hold. Trampoline is always considered aerobic exercise equipment, with high efficiency and fun. 10 minutes of bouncing is equivalent to 1 hour of jogging, 30 minutes of cycling or 20 minutes of swimming. Unique design allows you to fold the trampoline twice without using it, so you can store it under the bed, in the trunk or closet, etc. Compared with other trampolines that use straps to fix the mat, use a closed design to avoid sharp parts to ensure safety. The steel tube is covered with anti-skid rubber material, which not only makes the trampoline safe but also makes the jumping quiet.


  • Colour: Red + Black
  • Material: PP mesh + drum spring + silicone foot pad + steel
  • Number of springs: 32 spring bands
  • Load-bearing: 270 lb