Smart Weighted Hoop for Exercise


Skilled people can obtain better movement and development of waist, hip and leg muscles, and effectively improve the flexibility and flexibility of waist, hip and knee joints.

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Detachable hopps are designed with different principle, with ergonomics engineering, it is comfortable while rolling and the massage pad limiter will give your belly massage by inertia force, helping burning calorie. The hoop is a sport suitable for all ages. It can be used not only as a general toy, but also in competitions, acrobatics performances, or as weight loss appliances. Also, it is a very practical piece of indoor exercising equipment which could be used without limitation, people can use it to enhance flexibility, muscle and endurance of heart and lungs in any place at any time, it is very easy to learn.


  • Material: Special nylon
  • Size: Adjustable
  • Colour: Blue + Pink, Pink, White + Pink