Smart Counting Hoop

Smart Counting Hoop

20/04/2021 Off By Elin Schlaeger

This fitness equipment trims your waist without torturing your hips. And the best part is that this hula hoop can be tied, so you do not bruise during workouts. With the help of an adjustable weight hammer, you can now perform hula hoop targets every day without spending a lot of effort and time.

A built-in smart counter that calculates and stores your exercise data. With the LCD screen, you can easily count how many you have hung up. Helps you track your fitness progress.

This fitness equipment trim your waist without torturing your hips. Rather than manually turning to eat energy. With the help of your spin ball, you can now do your daily hoop goals without exerting a ton of energy and time.

The belt is made up of sections, which can increase or decrease the section on the main body to adjust the waist size, until the hula hoop fits your body and does not fall off. The sections are very easy to fit and disassemble, easy to store, save space.

This hoop can play a very important role in your daily exercise. It will help you slim your waist by burning the bat constantly. It works perfectly to help you lose weight.

To build this kit, you simply lock the pieces together along with the LCD screen. Then slide the centrifugal ball on the outer side and fix the support pad on the inner side.

This is a hula hoop that won’t fall off. Use your phone to play games, record videos, and take photos while exercising, without worrying about the hula hoop falling off. This will bring you a very interesting fitness experience and also save a lot of time.

Smart Counting Hoop