Sports Roller Wheel

Sports Roller Wheel

19/04/2021 Off By Elin Schlaeger

It’s a sturdy abdominal roller wheel and not flimsy like most other abdominal roller wheels. The grip more match the shoulder, help poor posture, 4 wheels structure support up to 880 lbs. Works for abdominals, shoulders, arms, chest, back, core and obliques.

4 wheels provide 4 points of support, making the AB roller more stable during use without turning or tilting. Core training, helps your abs and lower back strength, also reduces the risk of muscle damage.

The structure of the abdominal wheel roller is especially suitable for working with the bungee cord: the resistance rope allows the athlete to use the rebound force of the abdominal exercise roller when pulling back. Reduces the difficulty of training.

Each wheel is equipped with 2 bearings, smooth, silent rolling, perfect for indoor training. Solid and durable, better load capacity with triangular stability.

4-wheels design, stable and better support, is simple to use for all skills and fitness level.

This practical and practical fitness equipment can help you tighten your belly, lose belly fat, train your abs, chest muscles, arm muscles and other core muscle groups. It is perfect for almost anywhere, such as office, home, gym.

Sports Roller Wheel